Friday, January 27, 2006

i love the weekends

Inspired by my birthday flowers from ty, I bought some cute campanula's from trader joe's to keep at my desk all the time. Hopefully they won't I'm still working on my green thumb. These will brighten my sunless cube (I hope this little guy can survive on fluorescent lights.)
This weekend will consist of:
* finishing the quilt for kim's baby shower (note the progress below...all i have left to do is square it off and sew the binding on.)

* wrapping christmas gifts for the belated dolly/ty christmas celebration
* walks with henry and adam
* maybe a movie with the husband?
* some quality time with mom
* putting together some wedding invites and baby shower invites
* and a first...eating loads of Korean food for dinner at "Minner" to celebrate the Lunar New Year (we have a friend, with the last name of Min, who goes to his parents every Sunday for dinner (hence "Minner") and has never once invited any of us to go, let alone meet his parents. This is going to be quite an occasion.)
* and, if there is any time left, possibly framing and hanging some pictures around the house...wooo hooo!

peace out loyal readers.

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