Wednesday, January 25, 2006

one lucky girl

Moments ago, Adam (that's him above with stogie-smoking henry) presented me with a long-awaited package. I still can't believe he tracked down the coolest necklace ever and then went and bought it for my birthday. It is designed and crafted by smallthingsdesigns. I love it.
And here is a portion of my first ever quilt top. This part went well...but I started sewing the 'quilt sandwich' this afternoon, and that's when things started getting ugly. Let's just hope that all of the imperfections end up making this seem precious and not hideously ugly. I'll post the finished quilt, even if it ends up unsatisfactory.
If you live in/around LA....this looks like it might be a good way to spend part of your LA 06

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Anonymous said...

That dog is going to get mouth cancer.