Thursday, February 16, 2006

colorful collections...

some favorites from my paper stash favorites from left to right: flocked and printed paper from India; bookcloth; Cavallini & Italian papers; a favorite post card taken off the front of a book; letterpress papers & japanese goldfish paper; more japanese chiyogami

small but mighty (and soo organized!)...i love my little collection of beads.

Take a look at these amazing photos.
They look just like toys and candy and lego men.


Lena said...

oh... i could look at paper patterns forever! thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

posy press said...

lena-thanks for the great textiles & plates...I linked to you this afternoon!

gracia said...

Hello there, Just spotted a familiar paper in your collection... not too long ago I posted an image of an envelope made from the same paper... the one with the little birds all over the surface. You can find it here:
See you, g