Monday, February 13, 2006

p is for procrastination

I keep getting side-tracked. Instead of doing the things I'm supposed to be doing...I'm doing anything & everything but. The latest of which was organzing my beads, which I spent the better half of Sunday afternoon doing. Maybe I just needed to take a load off and that's why I took to this mindless task. I've always been the one who needed organization before I could concentrate. In college, I could never finish a paper before the apartment was clean and tidy (or atleast my room was clean and tindy). I think the more aptly named 'procrastination' is the real problem.

In an effort to zap the procrastinating, I thougt I'd look around and try and motivate myself with some good old fashioned ephemera. Here are a few findings to kick-off St. Valentine's and another I just couldn't resist:

Charles Goodall & Son (The first so called Christmas cards were mass produced in 1860 by Charles Goodall & Son)

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Anonymous said...

I like those chicks in the coffee cup. That's why I never pick up litter. Somebody might be able to use it for something constructive. Fowl often do that sort of thing.