Tuesday, February 07, 2006

simply entertained

Making things complicated is easy.
Achieving simplicity is tough.
- Bruno Munari
Doesn't he look like a simple little guy. Just staring out a window is entertaining to him. I love it.
I wish this little guy lived around the corner.
I can't get enough of my nephew Carter and niece Olivia.

inspired links:
jewelry designer jeanine payer
(beautiful engraving)
artist tami demaree


Anonymous said...

Trust me, you're glad you don't live around the corner from him. Because if you lived around the corner from him you'd live in Temecula.
There's a reason they call it the Fallujah of Southern California.

Seacrest out,

Barbara Leonard

simon cowell said...

Well at least the air in Fallujah of S. Cali isn't brown like in Los Angeles.

posy press said...

you've got a point simon...but it's not ALWAYS brown. ;)