Tuesday, February 21, 2006

you'd think i was a bird

I'm still organizing like crazy, so the posts may be a bit slow this week until I've got everything where I'd like it. The three day weekend put a good dent into the cleaning out, so I'm well on my way to sighing with relief once everything is in order.

Organizing=nesting, and that also means picking up a few items for the house:

  • like this moroccan window rug from West Elm (a birthday gift actually...thank you!)
  • and from HD Buttercup (another amazing store brought to you by the same folks who came up with ABC Carpet & Home) a completely unprompted purchase...we found the most amazing leather love seat for sooooo cheap. We pick it up tonight...just wait until you see this. My dream of a reading nook just may come true.

weekend highlights:
* Adam cracking me up when he came home late Friday night to our room in shambles after I took to a complete re-organization of all the drawers & bookshelves, as well as a slight rearrangement of furniture
* Breakfast with Adam and Henry at Metro Cafe (and the 3-hour walk that went with it)
Uncle Jerry's 70th birthday gathering. I love spending time with my aunt, uncle and cousins (especially my fave cuz kelli, shhh don't tell anyone!) It's a bonus to see everyone when it's not even a holiday. My Aunt Lynne is the best hostess ever and her house is always so comfy and warm. Thanks for having us :)
* Our love seat find

Lastly, a weekly creative project is in the works, but I'm still figuring out the nitty gritty. more details to come.....


Anonymous said...

I too dream of someday inhabiting a nook. I prefer breakfast nooks. The best eggs I ever had were in a breakfast nook. I ate them topless. But I don't have to tell you that, do I?
Barb Leo

Anonymous said...

I have a nook. My nook is very narrow and needs help. Maybe it's not even a nook, but an indent. Either way, perhaps you and your's can be inspiring in developing my nook further. But I do request that you wear clothing as one wall of the nook is a window.

posy press said...

barb you're a nut
autumn, I think that's you...a narrow nook with a window has endless possiblities...i'm jealous, as you know windows are sparse in our home. can't wait to see it.