Monday, March 20, 2006

little moments

This weekend flew by. My mom came over Friday night and we stayed up too late talking, looking at magazines and papers. Saturday we shopped around Santa Monica and Beverly Hills and ate lunch at Le Pain Quotidien. We really wanted to create the same feeling we had when we ate at one of the New York locations of this little cafe. But it just wasn't. In NY, we happened upon the little cafe after a trip to Kate's Paperie. I had just finished my first I was exhausted, but also bursting with excitement and so happy to be able to spend some fun time in New York. We just sat and watched the people walk by. It was also raining that day, so it felt especially cozy eating the bread and jam at their communal table. I think we'll have to try and hold on to that little memory instead of trying to re-capture it. We'll just make new memories, right mom?
new goods for the shop

For some reason, these new cards remind me of monopoly $. I think it's the paper color. Anyhow, these two are going into the shop tomorrow and will be sold in packs (8 for $10.00.) I'll also be doing a bit of spring cleaning in the shop...time for some new colorful products to celebrate spring!
I need to choose one of the above for a project and am having a hard time deciding. Do you like the pink version or the blue version better?


Anonymous said...

You are right - we can't capture that same feeling just cuz it is the same name......we'll find a new place next time..

We should play more often, sit more often, share more often and just be more often.

Definitely the girl!

Anonymous said...

I love the blue version! What a great design.

jen b said...

blue for sure!

Anonymous said...

i love the phillips girls... i often wish i was an honorary member! do countless slumber parties and many boxes of wheat thins and convos at cheryl's table count?

i love the new cards! yes, blue is the one... 'course i am always prone to pink, too. i'll buy both!

posy press said...

you are so an honorary member!
blue it is! thanks for the feedback!