Friday, March 17, 2006

pinch pinch

new product sneak peak!
and here is the inspiration board I told you I was going to make last weekend,
finally finished and up on the wall!
(see instructions below if you'd like to make your own.)
(To see the original inspiration for the board,
check out
Maria's inspiration wire on Port2Port.)

The tree wallpaper above
looks even better in
Lena Corwin's house (where I first saw it.)

1. Repaint an old canvas or buy a new canvas in the size you prefer.
2. Measure and then pound your nails into one side of the wood frame of your canvas.
eaving about 5 mm of space between the nail head and the canvas.)
3. Measure, then pound your nails into the other side of the wood frame of your canvas.
(I used carpet nails, I like the way they look and we had a spare box lying around!)
4. Wrap the wire under the nail head about 5 times and stretch the wire to the other side.
5. Wrap the wire under the nail head on the other side, cut excess wire.
6. Use pliers to tuck the wire in tight around the nail.

7. Make as many rows as you like!
8. Finish by giving the nails another pounding to secure the wire!
9. Hang and VOILA!

happy st. patrick's day!


mav said...

looks SO great!!!! i love seeing the inspirations. have a nice weekend, mav

posy press said...

thanks mav! I had a fun time putting it together...:)

green zebra studio said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I think I'm going to try this and get my inspirational stuff in order. I've got a million ideas going through my head already.