Tuesday, March 28, 2006

this is me

this is me on 4 hours of sleep.
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amy lowrey.

Mav's got us all talking about/sharing our favorite artworks from around the home, so I posted some of the artworks around our home here. I love printed matter, so I have my own mini-collection of letterpress and screenprinted works and I plan on adding to this collection...lucky for me, these are usually a bit cheaper than original paintings and such. {Although there's nothing quite like an original, and we have a few of those too!}

Visit mav over at port2port and take a look at her comments for links to many other blogger's collected art links. It's fun to see what people put up in their homes...some people have shared some amazing and unique pieces.

I wanted to take a break from all of the complaining i did over the weekend, so I didn't post about how much of a bust the Fashion Circus was on Sunday. No attendance = not a whole lot of sales. The promoter attributed it to the fact that the freeways were like parking due to the demonstrations. I actually kinda felt sorry for the guy. Anyways, I'm done complaining now, things could have been worse. And the best part...i got to visit with a best friend and a sister who made the trek to support me, and more proof that my husband is awesome....he not only found me a table (which I then went on to partially destroy), but he also help me set-up and pack it all up again. Onward and upward.

Speaking of artwork...I finished the first piece of art in a long time and I'll be posting that tomorrow. I say finished, because I usually start artworks and then abandon them. I'm hoping maybe my art abandonment issues have taken a back-seat for a while...will there be more? I'm crossing my fingers. Have a good day everybody!


Anonymous said...

who is your photographer? fabulous!

posy press said...

thanks awesome photog...how'd you make me look so good? jk.