Sunday, April 09, 2006

pink, red, {purple?}

moroccan red
heather azalea
wild rose
bright papaya
pink guava
bright guava
heather blush
bright quartz
pure pink

The crew really has you covered on all fronts when it comes to shades of pink & red

{and not one word on purple, sorry purple-lovers!}
For me, JCrew is the greatest place for the basics...flops, chinos, and tissue tees.
But let's get down to it...don't you just get swept away into the whole lifestyle when you flip through those pages? I mean, sometimes I convince myself to circle the semi-ugly gauzy tunic as I'm looking through the if I'd EVER have a place to wear's just like a mini vacation every time I flip through those pages.
And now, Crewcuts for kids? I can barely stand it.
Thanks for all of the fun comments this week and allowing me to bask in my {fake} style editing job.
Hope you all had a nice's right back to it tomorrow!

Today's color was brought to you by JCrew.


cally said...

So much lucious colour on your blog, I like it.
Thanks for the link the comment on my blog, I actually spotted Gracia's work last week but I forgot to bookmark so it was cool for you to give it to me.

AnastasiaC said...

now, these colours are HOT!!!
I did a colour confidence course on the weekend and all these gorgeous pinks suit me!

hannah said...

totally! i sometime dream about all those lawn parties i could attend in a fancy, fancy dress with no shoes on. i would vacation at jcrew and live in crate & barrel, although west elm is giving c&b a run for its money...

posy press said... glad you got a chance to look at gracia and louise (hammmer and daisy)...i knew you'd love it!'re too funny...that class sounds cool, i love color.

hannah...glad I'm not alone, totally barefoot garden party material! & COMPLETELY agree on the west elm front. I want one of everything in each of their catalogs! (and still on burnout since we did the wedding registry at C & B)