Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Another thing I’ve been a bit slow on is sharing some most amazing swap packages …and those are all set for you to take a peak at. I thought I’d make this another post to keep things nice and neat.
from my sis! I talked her in to letting go of loads of brown petersham and some vintage stars among others. sucker ;)
lovely handmade envelopes, tissuey animal goodness, fabric covered buttons, stickers AND ribbons! all from snowbear

those pins are handmade! and look at that ribbon stash...amazing...velvet, petersham, vintage {gush!} from in my sometimes humble opinion

mmmmm yummy paper... and some camilla art ... thanks Camilla

and this is from Bitter Betty, who I met at Bazaar Bizarre.
I told her about the swap I set up via the blog...
and she went on to arrange a wee swap of our own...
I got a colorful array of gorgeous grosgrain ribbon all tied up
with the most amazing vintage fabric bow.
Betty was an amazing neighbor...more on her tomorrow! most favorite in my pack of goodies
was your drawing...i love it!
{along with vintage ric-rac, and loads of gorgeous ribbons
and the cutest cross-stitch sachet!}

Thanks again to everyone who took me up on this swap...I'll post the rest as they came in...
As for swap packs will be going out tomorrow in the mail...I hope you all LOVE your packages as much as I've loved mine.


AnastasiaC said...

yeahh! it got there safely!
Glad u liked my notecard
and sachet - I make those to hang in my wardrobe.

Kristy said...

My offering will be in the post today (well maybe tomorrow now I've seen the rest!)

posy press said...

loved everything anastasia!
kristy...I'm sure I will love anything and everything you send!

jen b said...

How could I not give you all that ribbon, you had just given me the coolest b-day present in the world.

mati rose said...

oh my lucky girl! jealous:)

Snowbear said...

looks like a lot of nice goodies! Glad you liked it!

Marieke said...

Wow, that looks amazing!

posy press said...

yes..i am totally lucky!