Tuesday, April 04, 2006


It's hard to tear yourself away from the pages of anthropologie, but another catalog calls, and that is sundance. I love the fact that the catalog supports artisans, and although some of the styles aren't really me, I have a fond appreciation of the craftsmanship that goes into each item. Especially the jewelry. I love the simplicity of many of their pieces.
I never really appreciated jewelry until I received my engagement ring. My husband did the best job of finding something amazing that was so me and so extremely beautiful and different. (malcolm betts is the designer.) Since then (about the last 3 years,) my appreciation of jewelry designers/jewellers continues to grow. I find I am consistently drawn to anything with aqua stones. I had to include the sari quilt and country store storage as well...too great to leave out!

today's color is brought to you by sundance.


trudesign said...


posy press said...

hi trudesign...I'm pretty sure you have the same appreciation as me...i love your stuff!

Anonymous said...

Blue Blue, I love you.
Aunt S

Anonymous said...

hi hun! i couldn't wait to leave u a comment and tell u how amazingly talented u are. luv it all!!


Shari said...

pretty blues...i love the jewelry in sundance too.