Friday, May 05, 2006

painting a day in may

Thanks to Soulemama and Mati for sharing their works, which is where I originally found out about this challenge:

Every day in May via French Toast Girl with a flickr group to boot!

It must be spring or something, but I have been in a cleaning/rearranging frenzy. It's been quite good, because sometimes I neglect the house upkeep when I am working on design projects, and I've been quite busy with announcements and invites these days. Which might also explain why I started painting again. While the custom design is fun, it's not as much of a creative outlet for me anymore. The painting and the jewelry, I can just get lost in the process and enjoy it. No timelines and no restrictions. If I hate it, I paint over it or I take it apart. So, I'm on board with everyday in may, even if I am hopping on a bit late. I'll post my works in the flickr pool and keep you updated.

Design your own textile at V&A via Glass Doorknob {thanks Shari!}

Also, I am hitting up my first Estate Sale this weekend...hoping for some goodies!

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