Monday, June 26, 2006

....and the winners are....

c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s :
lisa s.
winners of the amazing 'happy 100' goodie parcel!

The winners were picked by friend extraordinaire tyler. thanks for playing vanna ty!

"losers" guys rock too, and since i've been cleaning out and need to find homes for some product, you too will get the mini mini mini version of the 'happy 100' goodie parcel.

* please send your mailing addresses to: and your packs will be on their way!


tyler said...

happy to help!

congrats winners!
(insert vanna clap here.)

jen b said...

i'm pretty sure you have my addie. Congrats winners! :)

gracia said...

Happy belated 100th post... see you, grache

Julie said...

thank for the mini mini mini...:)

Marieke said...

A big thank you, Amy!!! I am not sure yet what I am winning exactly but I am VERY excited! :-)

I am at 155 posts I just saw and will do something similar at 200. To spread the joy! :-) - Marieke