Friday, June 02, 2006


that's a humpback whale in juneau, alaska
... for fun weekend plans! I am heading up to Santa Barbara tomorrow morning to celebrate a wonderful friend's baby shower and then hanging out with my best friend and all of the college roomies for the rest of the night. A visit to tyler and gordon's is long over due...ty always make "my" bedroom up like a bed and breakfast when i visit, complete with mints and water on the pillows. {if you forgot the mints, no pressure ty, seriously.}

Then Sunday it's off to my mom's to celebrate her birthday...and i am sooo excited to give her the birthday present i made for of it later, can't ruin any surprises in case she checks up on me around here before Sunday! We'll go see The Break-up and possibly check out the local antique shop then an early din-din.

and to top it off...nothing like the Sopranos to gear us up for the upcoming work week.


Julie said...

I love your blog and your photos are stunning.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, sounds like you had a wonderful week in Alaska,it is truly beautiful there, love the sound of the glaciers. I know you enjoyed your week-end, sounds great, and time with Mom on her Birthday, glad your home Amy.
Love...Aunt Sharon

lisa s said...

sounds like a great time ahead!! have fun!

tyty said...

we LOVED having you with us, aim! i was so sad when you left... the house felt empty without you. :(

...i also completely forgot to show you the bowl of mints on the nightstand shelf. sorry it didn't make it to the pillow! incentive to come back. :)thanks for being such a fabulous house guest - and for such nice props.

love u!