Wednesday, June 14, 2006

i love BROWN

henry and his sly fox friend on the bed. he's only recently been allowed to get up there, and he's really taking quite a liking to it. my husband e-mailed me this morning to tell me that when he got out of the shower this morning henry was lounging on the bed ...on my pillow! oh dear. we've created a monster.

our wedding invites which are my biggest labour of love to date...

why i love ikea! this is the new workspace {including a new bookshelf to be shown soon!!}
i can now have a computer, paper cutter, sewing machine
all on the surface and STILL have room to work.
I'm in heaven.

yes indeed, I'm a bit behind schedule! Gray to come soon!
thanks color week initiators: here & here


Camilla Engman said...

Your wedding invites are beautiful.
Congratulations and good luck :)

trudesign said...

Love the wedding invites as well! That desk rocks, I wish I had room for such a long desk, what a great solution for you!

two trees said...

your invitations are gorgeous!

AnastasiaC said...

Beautiful selection of browns. Henry is adorable - hope he didnt slobber on your pillow!
Your wedding invites are gorgeous - very classy.

posy press said...

thanks everyone....i can't believe they are over a year and a half old!! still loving the desk...sighhhh. :)

jen b said...

my nephew is so cute on your brown bed. i love your new desk set up, maybe we'll see it this weekend????

Number Twelve said...

From one designer to another, I'm DYING to know how you managed to print white ink onto those black envelopes. Did you do them by hand or calligraphy?

Beautiufl, wonderfully designed invites. Congrats.

I have invites to do for a friend, I'd love it if you could pass along the secret. :-)

mati rose said...

i'm jealous of that work space! those invites are divine too:)

Lindsey said...

Your wedding invites are gorgeous!!!! Congrats!!!

*Kumi said...

Hi from Japan.
I'm Kumi from Atelier JADE.
Thanks so much for your shopping.
I do LOVE your beautiful works!
I'll come back again to see more!