Friday, June 16, 2006

red/blue to finish it off!

yep, i'm a bit of a cheat, combining the last two colors, but they complement each other so well I couldn't resist.
and that concludes color week, part deux!
thanks again for hosting mav, arc and stephanie.

i'm excited about the weekend...looking forward to enjoying the sunshine and warm nights and just hanging out with adam and henry tomorrow and finishing up a few projects and organizing my new bookshelf a bit. and sunday, i get to see my sis and niece! i can't wait! i can never get enough of them! we've got some plans for a bit of thrifting, some scrumptious lunch and a visit to a fun store that jen's never been to. adam's even coming along to thrift with us...he's in the market for some lovely 60's/70's style polyester pants. he cracks me love bucket, sugar pot husband.

and i almost forgot, i'm so excited for next week....i've got a little something up my sleeve...;)
have a good weekend everyone!


jen b said...

yay! we can't wait to see you :)

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful day together, I love you all so much.
Aunt Sharon

Anonymous said...

love bucket, sugar pot? What the hell...
You must've gotten remarried since we last spoke.

Barbara Leonard