Monday, September 11, 2006

smiling... what I did a lot of as I sat down last night after our weekend away reading all of your comments. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, ideas, humor and a bit of your time with me! I loved reading through them! I'll keep you updated on any progress, but it may be a while until we get to the room decorating phase {have to clean out that room first...yikes!}

Our weekend was quick & sweet as I met many of A's family members that I never would have otherwise. Above is a photo of where the reunion took was a beautiful day with a beautiful setting...complete with paddle boat races, kids egg toss, sack races, BBQ chicken, hot dogs and ice cream bars!

We stayed in Santa Cruz and took a gorgeous walk from the rental house to the boardwalk one morning. At the boardwalk, we had fun watching the little cousins try out a few of the rides...some of their facial expressions were priceless!

My in-laws are coming for a week long visit on Thursday and I've got tons to do for work, posy and feels a bit overwhelming, but, I know it will all get done once I prioritize my ever-growing to-do-list!


jen b said...

Glad you had fun and that you are home safely.

Anonymous said...

Is that the most beautiful picture, and the children are darling. Glad you had a wonderful week-end. This is our last night in Burbank, all moved. Take care of the two of you, give Adam a kiss for me, and a scratch for Henry. Love You, Aunt Sharon