Monday, October 30, 2006

{re} fresh

hi folks!
I'm officially on board...October really is the fastest month {adam always tells me this and i now I officially concur!}

A lot has been going on around the good old posy press household...mostly the cleaning out of the room which contains all of my supplies, tools, equipment and inspiration. The job began to officially take shape this weekend...and I'm proud to say, there's been a bit of progress. My goal is to have the room all cleaned out by Thanksgiving. Then the real fun begins...

painting the walls a calm new color and freshening up the white paint, putting together the crib, finishing up some more pillows, wallpapering the nook with this which finally arrived and is soo great! I still kind of can't believe that we will have a little one in our house by how things are going to change in our world!

Our ultrasound last week showed signs of a healthy little baby...and the doctor commented "Well, atleast one of us knows what this little baby is going to be!" Ahhh...for that minute, the torture! But we held out ... and now it feels a bit less torturous {i think because i believe by now the doctor has forgotten the sex, and now, once again, nobody knows!}

As I've been cleaning out, I've been preparing for the holidays by jotting down homemade gift ideas, sorting out what I'll be selling at the upcoming art/craft fairs {more on those later this week!} This time of the year is when the ideas start bursting out of me. It's been hard to hold them back and clean out rather than tackle them straight away! Add that to my excitement for our holiday decor this year, and I'm in trouble. {here is my WIP for those stockings I mentioned last week!}

...and speaking of art/craft fairs...I'm so entirely excited {and completely jealous ;) } that my sister and her bloggin' friend are making their way up to Portland for Studio Craft. Not only will they be able to meet all the great people participating in the little sale, they get to hang out in Portland for 3 days! My fingers are crossed that sis will be getting a bit of her own holiday shopping done while here!

Geez, sorry for blabbing on today! That's what happens when I've been to busy to post for the last week!


jen b said...

I can't believe I am going to be an auntie by February. WOOHOOO!

Don't worry sis you will definitely reap the benefits of me attending Studio Craft. I can't really imagine mom enjoying one of the softies I may aquire there, you on the other hand...

AnastasiaC said...

So fab to hear all is going well! we too didnt find out our babies gender but I did have strong feelings of what I was carrying - do you???
i too am planning changes to the home! have fun!

cate said...

congratulations.... it's such a great time in life. enjoy being pregnant and all of the excitement the impending arrival brings!

Anonymous said...

Love your stockings....Aunt Sharon