Friday, December 01, 2006

2007 calendars

I'm all finished with the posy press 2007 calendars and am soo happy with them!
Get them while they're hot here!

...and, for a bit of entertainment, here's a look at the spare-bedroom-soon-to-be-baby's-room.

Holy cow is right folks. Sure, some of the furniture is out now, and there isn't a thing in the closet, but I'm seriously working on putting together many many stationery sets, books and albums, etc. many of which are half-finished for the remaining 2 craft shows. See, I told you I've been working hard. The hardest thing to believe, is this is actually looking pretty darn good compared to a few weeks ago. Now, you can compare this "before" picture to the soon-to-be "after" picture, and we'll all feel so much better when that day arrives. We might even have to have ourselves some sort of mini-celebration. Cheers to a happy healthy weekend.



gracia said...

Love the look of those calendars... beautiful!
see you, g

AnastasiaC said...

Hey I can relate to your spare room
cant wait to see how you transform it to a bebe room.