Monday, May 14, 2007

ode to orla...

a quick little top i made for lucy...good old orla kiely. i mean really, such an easy design that works in so many ways! the quilt top is something of a monster for me, each little leaf is embroidered on for reinforcement. i think i started this when lucy was about a month old. i am getting close...just teetering back and forth on how to finish up the stem before i block it out. any ideas? just a simple embroidered stem or should i add an additional fabric stem?

now a matching bag for mom?
haaa haaa haaa, he he he.
a girl can dream.


Vallen said...

Lucy seems to have inherited her mom's and aunt's terrific style and taste. Gla to have you back Amykins

AnastasiaC said...

how adorable does she look!
she's making me clucky for another little bub!!