Thursday, May 17, 2007


this is what happens when you walk to trader joe's with some spare time. we have a pretty decent thrift shop in the center of town that we walk by all the time, but for some reason i rarely go in {i think we usually have the dog with us?} anyhow, that wasn't the case today so a-browsing i did go. from the top down: table cloth, wrap skirt and prairie style skirt. all in amazing condition.

i tend to find some good wrap skirts while thrifting, which i always love...they seem to fit me really well, but, i do admit i get a bit scared wearing them when they wrap in the back for fear of walking around with my butt exposed. i mean, one gush of wind is really all it takes to show the world your hiny. hmmm, i guess i just solved my own problem, i'll just start wearing a little slip underneath.

all the pics are taken on top of today's project: linen curtains for lucy's room. and vallen, talk about procrastination-these puppies should have been finished ages ago, i think i've been putting them off for fear of not really knowing what i'm doing. i'm really just winging it here. wish me luck...i'll post an after shot once they are hanging in her room which will hopefully be real soon.

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Vallen said...

You might be a procrastinator but you are also the organized perfectionist who does everything with style and grace. The curtains will be terrific.