Tuesday, March 04, 2008

put the book down lady

i can't stop reading the other boleyn girl
and it's a problem, because i've got loads to do.
at least i managed to vacuum and clean the bathrooms today.
i'm so close, but that sucker is long i tell you. 750 pages folks.
of course the first thing i need to do once i'm finished is go see the movie.
{.........and the to do list continues to lengthen..........}

i must finish soon, because i'm getting too excited to break out this puppy and make my first quilt on it.
i got her for my birthday {january} and have only used her once or twice for small projects.
she scares me a little.
it feels like driving some fancy sports car.
anyhow, she was needed.
my poor little Brother just wasn't able to handle the things i wanted to do anymore.
he served me well though, and i'll keep him around for some very important straight stitching projects.
before the Emerald, i tried to hand quilt the last gift and it took FOREVER.
quite labor intensive.
i enjoy the handquilting,
but i believe it is better suited as a long term project for me.
here is a pic of that last qiftie quilt, unfinished
{rats...didn't snap a pic of the finished version before i wrapped it back up again.}


Anonymous said...

Ü, nice sports car...Love U A.Sharon

juliamo said...

loved other bolelyn girl and the one that follows as well as the queen's fool which tells the story of the the two daughters that follow- mary and elizabeth...of course then you have to rent both elizabeth movies and it just keep going! i am playing hooky from work on friday and taking myself to see the movie!

jen b said...

love that quilt. who was lucky enough to receive THAT?

Queenie said...

Found your blog! I just finished the other boleyn girl last night! I love love loved it too.