Thursday, August 21, 2008

damn pigeons

that's right. while some feel we are to love all god's creatures, i have to draw the line at pigeons {and cockroaches and rats, but that's another story.} while i was having a peaceful little hour of rest, working on this quilt, i was interrupted by the most horrible nails on a chalkboard sound EVER. A pigeon. on the skylight. moving it's creepy little toenails all over the place. then the thing tries to climb up the glass and this makes the first noise sound like a little piece of heaven in comparison. phew, after 3 attempts of climbing and falling, the dreaded little creature takes off. i've still got the eebie jeebies. back to that quilt, maybe that will help take the edge off.

and as of today, this here is our official one-and-a-half year old.
her first sentence was yesterday, when her dad asked what she was doing,
she said "I read books." i love my little smarty pants.
now stop growing up so fast, got it?


jen b said...

aww her librarian grandma will be so proud. missing you both.

nu foxie mami said...

I hate those pigions, too!!! Glad to see you back!

tyty said...

pigeons = sky rats. i am SO with you on this one! icky!

that pic is so cute it makes me want to cry!


Autumn said...

Perhaps it was pigions that were making Henry crazy...