Monday, August 18, 2008

it's me again

sorry old pal...i really left you high and dry, {AGAIN!} for what, somewhere around 3 months?

summer's been good to us, lot's of trips to the beach, park-hopping, water fun, visits with friends and a long stay at my mom's while we had some work done on our house.

after a trip home you can't help but start thinking about your life...where it's taken you.
i'm quite pleased with where we are. life is good. life is happy.
not all the time, but most.

here are a few pictures of our little one, who seems to help us keep everything in perspective.
it's just hard to not smile whenever she's around. when i think of sunshine, i think of her.

hope you are all's good to be back!


jen b said...

welcome back sis!

Anonymous said...

Great pics for your come back post.