Wednesday, October 01, 2008

october 1

It's the first of october and 98 degrees here.
I've got loads to do today. friends to catch up with. birthday gifts to be made, bought and wrapped for the 7 kiddo birthdays this month. Much cleaning to do. Laundry. Finishing off the first wholesale order I've accepted in ages. I was feeling so ready to tackle it all in my few free hours while lucy took her 2-3 hour nap. However, being as it is. No nap. Tears. The AC is pumping and the only room it doesn't cool is hers. And the poor thing is just hot and uncomfortable.
After the dreadful waiting period, I make my way upstairs. None of that stuff I thought would get done will get done. Not this day at least. But y'know, that's okay. Because we read stories, she gets a mani/pedi and then more stories while she chats away with words that are only occasionally recognizable. Soon it's 4 o'clock and she's comfy and relaxed. I put her in her bed and rub her little cheek and watch as her eyes grow heavier and heavier until she's dreaming. I so want to get my camera and catch a picture of this moment - but i know it will wake her, so I creep out quietly and rush downstairs to write it all down. I so love these little reminders she gives me. To slow down. Enjoy.


mom said...

They do bring us back to reality don't they. I love reading what you write about being a mom, aimers - you are so very good at it and it shows. love you.

nu foxie mami said...

too, sweet. I would like a wet wash cloth pls to help me take a nap today.

jen b said...

you are such a good mommy sis!

juliamo said...

sometimes it happens like that, doesn't it. unfortunately, not when WE want it- guess that is part of the learning curve!