Sunday, March 18, 2012

she and him

Today was a blustery day in our otherwise basically bluster-free city.
I spent time with life long friends and left feeling so thankful to have them in my life.
I do realize that not all people have that. Friends that are like sisters. Family really.
And I returned refreshed, to an empty house.
How many times do I wish for this? A few hours of quiet all to myself.
So silly to miss those two after an afternoon away.
I love all these reminders of how good life is.
How we shouldn't take it for granted. Moments. Days.

Celebrating new adventures and champagne toasts with your best girlfriends.
Putting pictures into books while your daughter sits next to you doing the exact same thing.
With a style all her own.
Overhearing bedtime stories that your husband makes up on the spot and being blown away every time at how talented he is and how very lucky she is to have these stories.

I love weekends like these.

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