Monday, January 16, 2006

to begin, begin.

My first glimpse into blogs came via a pretty well-known paper goods manufacturer. I came across her through fate would have it, she was renting out time on her letterpress. So I started printing on her press, in her little studio, and started reading her blog on a daily basis. I was pretty hooked. She was funny and real and dry, and I learned a great deal from her even in the small bits of time we ended up in her studio together. Mostly, I was grateful...for getting a glimpse into her world and being able to print on an amazing antique letterpress whenever I wanted. Pure bliss.

Unfortunately, fate struck again, this time not in my favor, when she up and sold the letterpress while I was on my honeymoon. That was the end of that dreamy print world. But because of her, I have come across so many other inspiring and creative individuals who also blog (links to come!) These people make art and creating part of their everyday lives and remind me that it is possible to bring a little bit of art into every day.

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