Wednesday, March 22, 2006

artist/designer of the week: 1

Welcome to the first posy press artist/designer of the week post!
I am going to feature an artist/designer each Wednesday whose work and talent I admire.

rangifer taranadus gift wrap by funnel PAPER GOODS

03.22.06 Artist/Designer of the week:
Eric Kass for funnel PAPER GOODS

I recently came across funnel PAPER GOODS via Wonderful color palette and simple design make these contemporary gift wraps a must have on my list. The collection features premium gift paper "inspired by thoughts of ancient, vinyl-padded patio furniture, well-worn flannel pjs and musty books." My current favorite is the rangifer taranadus above. The wrap comes with 3 generously sized sheets (28 x 40) and you can find it
here. I'm looking forward to seeing what funnel PAPER GOODS comes up with next...

top to bottom: funnel PAPER GOODS wrap in action; dotties decor by funnel PAPER GOODS
extra thanks to owner/designer Eric Kass for allowing me to use pictures of his amazing products.


trudesign said...

Love these papers, thanks for the link!

posy press said...

your quite welcome!