Thursday, March 23, 2006

posy goes DIY

letterpress printed and machine-sewn thank you card
yep, I've been working hard on getting lots of product finished up for this Saturday's Fashion Circus. It's usually at this point that I start thinking, Do I have enough stuff? And then, of course, I stay up way too late making more more more ~ just in case. I just spent my lunch hour at Home depot, because I suddenly think that I'm Charlie from Party of Five (a-la-master-wood-worker and furniture-maker.) I will post the outcome of this idea in my head tomorrow (cross your fingers.) but here's a start...I am hoping to use the below wallpaper for this project.I will post any leftovers into the etsy shop next week. I have lots and lots of hand-bound books which I rarely put in the shop, because they are one-of-a-kinds and get snatched up pretty quickly. I will snap a few photos of those and post sometime soon.
Also, something fun and exciting, and i think i am allowed to post about this now since she left a few comments on my blog, my sister's blog is up and running. Go visit her here and take a look at 2 of the cutest kids ever and her kickin' collages.


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AnastasiaC said...

That 'thankyou' card is super sweet!!

posy press said...

thanks anastasia...i need to make some more of them! I have them all printed just need to sew them up!