Friday, March 03, 2006

early bird or night owl?

the bee is for marie!
hope you like some of the samples

and scrumptious fabric from Galbraith & Paul

nothing but goodness for this friday.
nicest husband took henry for a walk in the rain, so i got to sleep a bit more AND I actually did my Budokon video at home
(this video). Apparently it's all the rage with the starts these days. Personally, I don't know if I can tear myself away from my true video yoga love, Rodney Yee. Oh how I wish I was an early bird sometimes instead of being such a night owl. It was quite nice to do a bit of exercise before starting my day. I am going to try and wake up a bit earlier next week and try and fit it in. Then, a very close & dear friend (I've known her since I was 4) sent news that she is pregnant and healthy as can be. And later at the post office, there were NO lines. What is this a dream or something? I hope it keeps up like this for the weekend...


Abigail said...

Fair to say I am a night's 1.45 am here...shame I need to get up and be a morning person too (actually I am fine as soon as I am awake, I just LOVE being in my bed so/too much!!):DDD...

Lovely patterns today..happy monday Amy! xx

posy press said... can just be sooo hard to get out of it in the morning! hope you were doing something fun at that hour. xo, amy