Thursday, March 02, 2006

i'm a crafty dork, nice to meet you

When I called my sister last night...we talked about blogging among other things. She said something that surprised me, which was that she feels like she knows me better after reading my blog. I consider us to be pretty close, so I found this kind of funny. We talk atleast weekly. And then I came to this realization...

When friends & family ask me what I've been up to, I rarely give them a breakdown of my everyday antics. Usually, I am quick to reply "not too much" or "you know, the usual". I assume that not everyone wants to know how excited I am that I designed a new product, how I cut & scored 200 note cards, how I opted to stay in for a night of hand-book-binding instead of going to friday-night-happy-hour or that I was up until 2 a.m. the night before assembling wedding invitations and got completely delirious from the overdose of caffeine and the repetitive nature of it all.

But here....I can talk about all of these details...and i can laugh at myself...and i can assume that maybe after posting about spending hours organizing my bead collection by color...I really need to get out of the house more often and maybe even take a little break from time to time. Here, my friends can read about what I do if they want to. They can see what I create and maybe understand a bit more as to why I create this stuff.
Apparently, i can also ramble on and on....
Basically, creating stuff is important to me, and I'm glad I can share it you can all know me a little bit better.
Below are a few of the things I've made recently...(maybe organizing those beads was worth it afterall.)
Please e-mail me at if you'd like to purchase any of the earrings below before they go into my etsy shop.

p.s. let's party...the taxes are done!!!


Anonymous said...

Amy, this is your other sister and I don't mean that in a reference to the movie 'The Other Sister.' I would have to agree with your sister that this blog has helped me understand and learn about you. However, I would not replace actual time spent with you for this blog. But I'll take this, only compared to the real thing, second best blog to keep me updated and keep learning about my one and only sister.

posy press said...

hi autumn,
what do you think the first best blog is then? hee hee. you do know who starred in The Other Sister though don't you?

Anonymous said...

Well I don't think your talking about Juliette Lewis, but how about Giovanni Ribisi. Someone just the other day saw a picture of Adam and said you brother looks like that guy who was Phoebe Buffay's brother. I just laughed and said yes he gets that a lot when he's at Doughboy's. As far as being second best I meant your blog is second best to hangin out with you in person. Man I'm sooooo misunderstood!