Thursday, March 09, 2006

maintenance check

but first,
antique kimono on rice paper from Takashimaya, NY
(lucky me, gift from ty...does she know me or what?)
This needs a proper spot in the extra room,
but I still haven't quite figured out where that will be.
and this is on it's way to Sweden for a swap with Camilla
And now, I am thinking of how I need some MUCH needed personal upkeep. My hair is approaching dry hay status and my eyebrows are growing in crazy directions. Why do I find it so hard to treat myself to some personal maintenance? Perhaps a more polished amy will appear on Monday after the weekend allows a bit of time for this.

1 comment :

tyty said...

aaw... i knew you would love it!
it is beautiful, just like my BB 4-eter, bushy brows and all (are they really that bushy? just saw 'em). haystack your hair is not. xoxo