Thursday, April 13, 2006

3-day weekends ROCK!

I've still got a few more packs of wallpaper/posy press stationery up for trade (see here for details.)

I'll be taking tomorrow off the old blog, working my butt off {as it's the last weekend before road-tripping to SF for bazaar bizarre.} I'm shooting for many fun images of all the new creationsfor you to take a look at on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Where do you find the time, both of you girls are so amazing, I'm just so proud of you.
Love, Aunt Sharon

Kristy said...

Hi,I love the vintage wallpaper packs.Would love to swap but not really sure what I have to offer.I am really short of ribbon myself but do have vintage trims,buttons etc and a little wallpaper.Would they be any good?

posy press said...

We're just both crazy aunt sharon!

you're on! e-mailing you now...