Wednesday, April 12, 2006

vintage wallpaper trade, anyone.....

anyone up for a trade?
I made up 10 of these vintage wallpaper packs. Each comes with 4 – 8 1/2" x 8 1/2" sheets of vintage wallpaper.
I'm interested in trading these along with some posy press cards for ribbons/notions to use on my custom bound books.
The first 10 people to e-mail me get the goods!
{4 sheets of wallpaper/stash of posy stationery for the equivalent of roughly 4 yards of ribbon?}
[ooohh, and I would prefer if ribbon was atleast about 1 foot long [to ensure it would fit on a book!]
sheesh, I'm a bit bossy, huh?
Anything vintage as far as ribbon. I also love Petersham ribbon, velvet ribbon, grosgrain solids & stripes. As far as notions go, if you think it would look pretty on a book, sounds good to me!


Snowbear said...

Hi, I stumbled onto your blog via your sister whom I stumbled on from another blog and lo and behold, I bought a beautiful blank book from you at the bizarre bazaare this past whenever it was here in LA. You didn't have a site then!
I wish I had the good you wanted for a trade--that wallpaper looks fantastic!

AnastasiaC said...

OOhhh I have ribbons - not sure if they are vintage though....

jen b said...

is the sister allowed to trade??? if you want to just bring the wallpaper packet for easter and i'll let you look thru my stash of ribbon.

posy press said...

you guys are all set!

jen--you do have a good ribbon stash :) of course. you have some of the top pieces coming your way anyways birthday girl!

jen b said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
I love you, you sweet talented thing you. I got the most adorable handmade card from your Mom, but the cutest was the stamp that had precious Olivia, and the heart breaking Henry on it, what a awesome twosome. Ülove, A. Sharon