Tuesday, April 18, 2006

free shipping in the shop!

As if you couldn't tell by my recent swap arrangements, I've been doing a bit of spring cleaning around here. But I've also been making and creating new products by the boat-load for bazaar bizarre at the maker faire. This means, I need to get rid of some product so I can make more...so I've slashed some prices and am offering FREE SHIPPING at my etsy store through April 24th!
However...a few of the items in there will be taken off the site late Thursday night to go with me to San Francisco...so if you want the one-of-a-kinds...you'll need to shop now!
Speaking of swaps...I got my first package in the mail already!! Pics coming soon...but I just wanted to thank everyone who played the swap game with me...i hope you all adore your mail parcels!
And, again...if any of you live in the San Francisco area you should check out the maker faire this weekend! {and if you don't live in the area...road trips are fun!} The weather looks like it should be nice and there will be much to see. {including me ;)} so if you do make it, please stop by the posy press booth to say hi. I'll be in the big grassy area in the middle which will be called "maker midway". and i got a corner booth! yee hoo!
I believe this will be the last post until Tuesday when I return (unless I'm feeling really energetic when i get home on Monday.)

Have a wonderful week and weekend!


Shari said...

hi amy!
darn. i just popped over to pick up some of your cameo notes and they are sold out. do let me know if you'll be making more or have a set to spare. happy spring cleaning. xo, shari

Kristy said...

I've almost got your parcel together and will post asap!I won't be around on the net for a week or so(check my blog!) didn't want you to think I have forgotten:)

AnastasiaC said...

Have fun Amy!
I sent out your parcel yesterday
you should get it in about a week - snail mail all the way from

mati rose said...

i live in SF! where is the fair?

aptno3 said...

Stumbled on your fantastic blog today. So happy to find another book binder! Can't wait to see more of your work. Best!

posy press said...

shari...they are on their way!
kristy..take your time
anastasia...can't wait!
mati...e-mailing you now, but it's after the fact, sorry to miss you.
moira..I'm glad you got here...bookbinders unite!! going to look at your site now!