Tuesday, April 25, 2006

happy birthday sis!

How did we get here so fast?
Hope you are having the loveliest of days — I wish I was there to celebrate with you!
These pictures don't seem like so long ago, do they?
I love how you are completely ignoring the fact that I am screaming bloody murder right next to you in this one!
xoxo, love your lil' sis


jen b said...

Ah man a whole post dedicated to little ol' me. Those pics are fabulous and bring back so many memories. Thanks so much. I love you and how each year brings us closer. You are my inspiration and my best friend. Love your sis :)

Anonymous said...

What a cute birthday card your gave to your sister - it is the best!

Love the pics especially with Grampa and Jean in the background- so long ago yet seems like yesterday - I love you Aimers

tyty said...

sooooooooooooo c-u-t-e!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how very sweet of you Amy, and love the picture of the Grandpa, guess you didn't like Santa.
Love You,
Aunt Sharon

Marieke said...

Those pictures are so cute!

posy press said...

thanks...everyone...those were the days...we were quite cute!