Wednesday, May 31, 2006

clean slate=fresh start

told ya i kept up with your blogs! I even saw that Eireann was hosting a trims swap. I got in under the wire and shipped off my pack of goodies yesterday. It's a secret who it's going to...I think she will like her bundle of goods...{i hope she likes her bundle of goods!} I included some vintage buttons, a letterpressed notepad, and some cards...even some new creations where I've put my vintage wrap to use!!
much more to come...i'm a machine now that I'm refreshed!


briana said...

...{i hope she likes her bundle of goods!}

She's have to be *batty* not too - what a smashing group of trims and treats. Like a box of crazy eye candy!

deb said...

yes the secret is out. :o) swapping is just too fun!