Wednesday, May 31, 2006

well rested...

above is my first picture of beautiful juneau, alaska.
it was so nice for our stay...i think we saw a few drops of rain on one day, so absolutely no complaints in the weather department. we hiked, went on walks, went on a boat, toured & tasted beer at the alaskan brewery, saw glaciers & icebergs, slept in, ate delicious food {i've been detoxing from that part}, rode a gondola, watched a softball game, played with doc {my sis-in-law's pup}, read a good book and we even managed to get one night out at the bars.
wildlife spotted includes:
black bears
humpback whales
bald eagles
mountain goats
gigantic crows
gigantic ravens (i think)
sea anenomes {sp?}

more pics throughout this week and next...many turned out great!
thanks you to everyone that wished me well....oops...i forgot to mention that i snuck on the computer to keep up with all of you talented girls! I'll be catching up on e-mails the next few days...sorry for the delay!
thanks autumn for having us and entertaining us in your home town!


Anonymous said...

You're lucky you only had one night at the bar(s). God knows what would have happened if it would have been more than that! I'll be going to a new stylist at the Little Mermaid Hair Salon.

Marieke said...

Wow, that looks great! Good that your back though :-)

posy press said...

hi autumn!
seriously...they may have escorted you out of the state if we showed up more than one night!

posy press said...

thanks marieke!

Shari said...

gorgeous photo! i want to go back to alaska. sounds absolutely amazing and i'm looking forward to reading all about it. xo, shari

AnastasiaC said...

What an amazing photo!! looking forward to seeing more.
Sounds like you had a wonderful time.