Tuesday, May 02, 2006

easing my way back...

new necklaces!
Suddenly all of the design projects I had taken on began to feel like weights on my shoulders, but I'm slowly coming out of this little funk...slowly getting back in my groove. My 'real' job hasn't been kind to me lately either, leaving me tired and sapped of energy by the time I get home.

{yes, mom, I can hear you, I do too much and I'll keep this in mind. I would like you to know I just turned down a save the dates job this afternoon. :) }

I started quite a few necklaces during the morning hours of the bazaar, and finally finished them up. They are in the old etsy shoppe, click here to check them out. If you can believe it, I still haven't even finished un-packing still from the SF trip. But that's coming along as well. I like to organize as I put it all away, so it can take quite some time.

what a mess.
this is the extra bedroom, where all the magic that is posy press happens.

I'd also like to say that I haven't gotten the chance to respond to everyone's e-mails and comments, I'll be whittling away at that for the remainder of the week as well.


trudesign said...

Cute necklaces, I dig.

Anonymous said...

ahhh... so many good nights of sleep in that bed. nighty night.

louise said...

Loved getting a glimpse into where it all happens.
Cheers, LJ

Marieke said...

Me too! So interesting to see where it happens. And I just love that pink leaf!

posy press said...

thanks girls!
I dream of a space that is a bit mroe user friendly. ....someday!

AnastasiaC said...

Amy, I think we all dream of that creative space!!
Hey I like your necklaces - the birdie one is sweet!
Whats Etsy.com like - is it a good set up?