Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Birthday Henry!

12 things you didn't know about Henry
1. The night we decided we would in fact adopt him, we made a game of it. He had to run and fetch a stuffed toy and then get back on his bed in 10 seconds. If he made it in time, we kept him. If not, it was back to the rescue. {adam counted super slow to assure his stay.}
2. It took us about a 3 weeks for us to decide on his name. Other front-runners included:
Winston & Poncho
3. His original name was Floppy.
4. He was born with a front left paw that looks like a lobster claw. {He is missing his middle metatarsal.}
5. In his one-year of life he has visited a total of 4 states: California, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado.
6. He is an excellent soccer player.
7. The poor little guy conquered a case of mange.
8. He was born on the streets of South Central.
9. He weighs in at 52 pounds.
10. He likes to bark at ladies that talk to him in high-pitched voices and baby talk.
11. His first dog friend was a golden retriever named Kelly, who consequently always used to bark at us when we'd walk by before {pre-henry}, but is now our best friend.
12. He absolutely loves socks.
Happy Birthday little pup. xoxo.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see Adam has that dog working for his board and keep. After all he is 1 year old now - time he started paying his own way!Hope he had a great birthday at Doggie Daycare - did they have a party for him? probably not since I'm sure you guys have a party planned - he is so very handsome and I love him dearly. Happy Birthday, Henry - love Gramma

AnastasiaC said...

and he can write too! Clever Henry
and Happy Birthday to him!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday HENRY, you are truly a wonderful dog, have a good one.
Love......Aunt Sharon

Anonymous said...

Amazing! He can write and he's just a year old. I'd expect nothing less from my grand-dog.
XOXO-Nana Meanie

jen b said...

happy belated b-day henry!

Anonymous said...

happy b-day, boyfriend #2!


Marieke said...

That is just so sweet! Happy B-day!