Tuesday, May 16, 2006

fancy loot

I've been spoiled rotten by marieke of treats and treasures. She took me up on a vintage ribbons and notions for vintage wallpaper and stationery swap and I'm quite happy she did. Marieke does great little collage/journal entries on her blog that are always fun to peak at. I can't wait to pair some of the above little treasures with coordinating papers to make some dreamy journals...happy tuesday to all!

ummm.....p.s. do any of you watch grey's anatomy? i was sobbing during last night's season finale, it was enbarassing. I woke up in the morning and my nose was still stuffy. i'm totally addicted....but that meredith grey really needs to pack on a few pounds this summer.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful...Love Aunt Sharon

AnastasiaC said...

Lucky you! arent swaps fun!
I love your books Amy - I might have to get one for my sketches and doodles!
I do watch Grey's Anatomy but we are a season behind the USA

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one - I was absolutely hysterical Aimers. The dog scene at the vet was identical to what I went through with Kasey - i stroked him and talked to him the entire time the IV was being hooked up and slowly did its job. From that scene to the hospital scene with Izzy in the bed - it was just all too close to home and very very emotionally draining - wasn't really prepared for David Kelly to write something so void of humor.
Call me with your itenerary before you leave, OK.... or you can email - hope you have a restful vacation - take some good books.

briana said...

Oh that "twisted ribbon" ribbon is just faboo! Swaps are the best.

Haven't watched grey'a yet... though I finally saw the season fianlly to the Office last night. Gawd bless TiVo, I swear that my roommate and I rewound the last five minutes over and over again.

louise said...

Happy creating with that collection of ribbons & more. LJ

Bitterbetty said...

That is a lovely swap Amy!!
And your blog is so lovely too..
Especially your entry about your mom!
You will do beautiful things with those pretty bits.
You are so talented!

Marieke said...

Thanks Amy, for the lovely past. I will post your cards and paper real soon.

posy press said...

ooh- i missed the Office finale...shoot! i don't even know how that happened!
thanks for your comments and such!

Gina said...

Wow, wonderful stuff!