Monday, May 15, 2006

vacation mode..

it hasn't really hit yet.
Mother's Day was rather fun...we went to MOCA at the Pacific Design Center and saw a random exhibition that left us all thankful that we didn't have to pay {and I was practically begging the guy to let me leave a donation before we went in.} ...{turns out they don't even take donations at this MOCA site}. Took a gander around Soolip, which was looking a bit empty and unfulfilling. The day looked up when we hit Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and got one of the best burgers in town. If you are ever in the L.A. area you must get a burger here, it's amazingly delicious.

On Friday we leave for Juneau, Alaska and I'm rather excitied to be in a nice relaxing and beautifully scenic place. {atleast I think this is how it will be :)}

In the meantime, that means I'm trying my best to wrap up a few dozen projects so I can leave with a clear head.

Here are a few recently completed design jobs:
personalized notecards as a gift for peter and rachel, former wedding invitation clients.
{looks much better with out blurred last names, i promise! ;)}

the baby boy announcement version of this tri-fold announcement, along with custom printed envelopes; brown ink printed on pool colored envelopes. {i just love these!}


Anonymous said...

Beauty work Amy.....Aunt Sharon

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, no pun intended, but I could smell the burger's..Aunt Sharon

trudesign said...

Very cool designs!

posy press said...

thanks kids!