Friday, May 12, 2006

happy mothers day

When we got married about a year and a half ago, my mom not only walked my down the aisle and gave me away...but we also did the mother/daughter dance in lieu of the traditional father/daugher dance. My dad passed away when I was quite young, and my mom has been an amazing lady through it all. It still amazes me that she raised two daughters that turned out so damn good {and we've given her our own fair share of trouble!}

Just a few more things that amaze me about mom:
* the amazing lifelong friendships she's created
* her ability to make new lifelong friends
* the fact that all of my friends call her a friend too
* her ability to always say what you need to hear
* her passion for politics
* her interest in saving the oak trees in our valley
* the fact that she gave up smoking after years and years

* that she truly loves her job
* how she creates batches of carefully crafted thank you cards for all of her friends and mine for every occasion, whether it's a wedding, new baby, etc.
* that she does her yoga

I could probably fill a million more lines...but I need to save some for next year right?
Happy Mother's Day mom....xoxo...looking forward to our day of fun!


Marieke said...

Amy, just how great are these pictures! And a beautiful I must add. It must be wonderful to have such pretty pictures from you and your mom! Love your post - enjoy this Mother's day!

Marieke said...

- I forgot the word "bride" - a beautiful bride, I wanted to say! ;-)

tylard said...

tearing up... you know how much i love my "other mother." she's amazing! love the post, beautiful friend. xoxo

AnastasiaC said...

Beautiful post Amy! your mum must be so proud! and what a gorgeous picture - u look amazing!

kristin said...

what beautiful words for a beautiful mom...i love how she fulfilled both parents "jobs" at the wedding...lovely photo too. i'm sure she feels blessed to have daughters like you and jen.

Shari said...

really lovely photos. such a wonderful tribute to your mom.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aimers for my beautiful Mother's Day card - these are the best presents of all pictures and words straight from your heart.
Love you my baby girls.....