Monday, July 17, 2006

5 things {with no pics}

ugghhh, I am a total visual bore.

following suit from my sis,
here are 5 things i'm excited about {with no pics}

1. early dinner with best girl friends and new baby syd this wednesday.
2. attempting to sew a dress for my niece.
{don't get excited jen, i repeat, this is definitely just an attempt. but the pattern is bought and the fabric ironed and ready.}
3. finishing cutie baby shower invites for twins boys.
4. pre-work morning yoga.
5. getting gifts ready for upcoming baby showers and August birthdays!


jen b said...

That is funny because this weekend I just bought all the makings to try to make a skirt. (for myself) We are definitely cut from the same cloth aren't we? Good luck with the dress. I'm sure it will turn out cute, if not we'll just give it to baby marie :)

cate said...

lists are such a great thing! expecially when they are rewarding! also, i wanted to say that your work is lovely. i've just discovered your website and shop through and it's now one of my favourites.

gracia said...

Hey there, yoga in the morning is such a wonderful, clear headed start to the day... I only wish I could do it more often.
cheers, gracia

Ky said...

i happened upon your site via treats and treasures - must say that i am quite smitten with all the goodness herein!

Mom said...

Your #1 would have been mine as well :) Syd and I love you! I love my earrings, too. xoxoxo

Number Twelve said...

Stopping by to say thanks for the 100th post mini-mini you sent my way! I received it on my birthday. What a treat.

Thank you for going through all that trouble, and you've inspired me to be bit more organized and focused with my design work.

I'm still considering getting a letterpress so I can stop futzing on the computer so much. :-)