Thursday, July 13, 2006

"how do you do it all?"

address labels for a friends baby shower
I was on my way out the door from work yesterday, when a co-worker stopped me for a bit of conversation. "you make jewelry right?" I told her yes and she went on to ask, "how in the heck did you have the time to do all the things you do?" If she only knew that making jewelry was the half of it. Jewelry making to me is the thing I do when I'm taking a break from all of the other stuff. It's the thing I can do while relaxing after dinner while half paying attention to some TV show.
To tell you the truth, sometimes I don't know how I do all the things I do. I know I am always a bit anti-social. Not that I'm a hermit or anything, but if given the choice of going to a bar or going upstairs to work on a project, 8 out of 10 I'm working on the project. And at times, I'm a super stress case with all of the projects I take on. I have really been trying to keep an eye on this. Take a bit more time to breathe a little fresh air! Wedding invites can be the hardest. I get a lot of requests to do wedding invites, and I usually ended up turning most of them down. Realistically, I can only handle 2 weddings at a time. It's unfair to the bride if I take on more than that.
I would say that about 10-15% of the paper projects I do are for friends and family. Free of charge. I use my time to do these favors because I can. And I enjoy it. The above labels go with shower invites for a friend that I've known since grade school days. She is having twins and I love that I get to design these for her little boys. I did her wedding invites too. I love that posy press will have a little spot in the baby books! {I just hope the ink doesn't fade too much!}


lisa s said...

we are so alike.... :)

great labels!!

tyty said...

Your work has touched the lives of so many of us... Posy Press will be a very important part in all of our scrapbooks... xo

Anonymous said...

Your stamp is on the heart of all your friends and familys, it is all about the love. You are wonderful.
Love You,
Aunt Sharon
But, how do you do what you do Ü.

Julie said...

It doesnt really matter how you do it - the important thing is youre happy doing whatever you do!
Lovely labels.

AnastasiaC said...

there are days when I ask myself the same thing but I plod along trying to juggle everything. Your kindness of making things out of love for people will pay off in the end - just u wait and see...haha Id probably join u and choose 'time to make things' over socialising

Marieke said...

Such great labels! I recognize what you are saying. I just feel so, well, unproductive, when I am not working on any creative project for several days in a row.

Just don't get burnt out girl!