Monday, July 10, 2006

buttons with meaning

I've acquired some great buttons in the past few weeks...and not only are they pretty to look at, but they're buttons with meaning because they came from people I care about and they feel like they have a little bit of personal history. Sometimes this makes them harder to I have to remember, that's what they are meant for. I'd love to make a few special things out of them related to their history.

I have one idea:
Some of these buttons were given to my mom from a lifelong friend to pass on to my sis and I. It just so happens, that the buttons belonged to her mother. Well, this lifelong friend of my mom's, happens to have a daughter, who is a lifelong friend of mine. confused yet? well, she's having a baby and I really want to include some of the buttons in her gift for a keepsake for the baby. I'm still not sure how I'll do this....but I'm thinking a framed piece of artwork for the babe's room with a few of the buttons involved. I also really want to make her a quilt {something I always WANT to do, but it's tough to find the time to make, especially when you are a bit sewing handicapped as myself.} Anyhow, that was the second thought, including a few of the buttons somewhere on the quilt. If you feel like commenting with an opinion, let me know what you think....I'm still working this out in my head!

Other buttons came from my awesome aunt sharon who you probably know if you read this because she is my uber-supporter! She passed them on to my sis and I recently and they belonged to my grandma & great grandma. I would love to make aunt sharon something incredible using some of the buttons, but nothing amazing enough enough has come to my head. Great Grandma was hilarious. She was Polish and had this amazing Polish accent. We would always make fun of her for making us the silliest things at Christmas. For some reason she liked me the most, and when she passed away she left me more $ than everyone else {sorry sis.}. We never really figured this out, but we think it was maybe because I wanted to be a tap dancer for a small period of time. I think it might be because I loved the little shorts she would sew to go under my dresses so I could hang upside down on the bars at school and my underwear wouldn't show. It's too bad we don't all get the chance to talk with our grandparents when we're older.

Yet another special batch of amazing buttons were just passed on to me by my mother in law. Her mom {nana} used to do quite a bit of sewing and had some amazing buttons. I never really got to know nana, so these feel super special and I'm not sure yet how I'll be able to use them. Maybe the "family" buttons from the grandma's and great grandma's need to stay in the family. Used, just used in a way we can appreciate them.

Funny how something so tiny & ordinary can be so precious.


jen b said...

wow, great post sis. it's ok about great gramma liking you better because linda likes me better (hehehe)I say yes to the framed art for krissy but no to using buttons on the quilt only because if she wants to use it for the baby, it's a choking hazard. just the overprotective mommy in me giving advise.

lisa s said...

great post... and i love the ideas to use the buttons in something meaningful [although after reading your sister's comments... ugh on the choking factor]

it's so nice to know that there are several of us who love buttons so!

jen b said...

oh and i meant advice not advise. you know me not a multi-tasker :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
You are so sweet, yes, it probably was because you liked to tap dance, Ü. Make yourself something, or save them for your family someday.
You are beautiful.
Love You,
Aunt Sharon

Julie said...

Lovely post..look forward to seeing what you make with them.

ty said...

aim - such a sweet post! i loved reading about all this history.

you are cute as a button!

Anonymous said...

You brought tears to my eyes!
XOXO-Nana Meanie

maggiegracecreates said...

how about a sampler / announcement for the baby using many things including the buttons.

I bought really nice buttons at tender buttons and now i don't want to use them because i paid so much for them how is that for crazy.

briana said...

I just loved this post, I have a newfound appreciation for buttons.

Trudi said...

Great post! I also have tons of old buttons that I think are special, and can't think of uses for them. I would love to see what you come up with - I'm sure that whatever you create will be wonderful!

AnastasiaC said...

Such a nice post! I love buttons too - my mum so many in a huge round tin that she's had for close to 30yrs now - love that tin of buttons!
Wonderful to read about your Grandmother and fancy her leaving more $$ to you!! too funny!
I cant wait to see my grandparents 2mnths to go till our big trip!

gracia said...

Lovely button history... looking forward to seeing these little beauties make an appearance somewhere soon.
cheers, g