Tuesday, July 11, 2006

thanks for all of the comments on the last few posts...I'm not always so great at getting back to everyone, but just so you know, I love to hear what you think. and I love some of the ideas you guys passed on via comments and e-mail regarding the button baby gift. and of course, I love hearing that i'm not the only one in love with old buttons.

Speaking of which, shim and sons is hosting a vintage button swap, so if you'd like to trade up, take a visit for all the info.

Turns out I'm still at the same spot with most of my WIP projects from last week, which means that I've been relatively lazy once I get home from work these days. I'm pressing myself to make some headway so my WIP this week is not just a re-post from last week. {although that would be pretty funny, in a sad little way. It may actually mean that I wasn't such a nerd for the last week...holed up inside being anti-social, working away.}

It's too nice outside around here to be all holed up inside. Today I actually left work for lunch {which is very rare, unless i am going home to hang with henry at lunch.} yummmm, it was so good. Delicious turkey and cheese sandwich with mild peppers on crusty bread from the scrumptious Italian Deli {bay cities in Santa Monica for you local folks.} I could eat another for dinner.I did post another goody box in the shop {this one = all about pink}, and, lazy lazy me FINALLY mailed the 100 post mini mini mini's and winner goody boxes. So those are on their way...and winners, I think, will be especially fond of their little gifts! Thanks for your patience gals, until tomorrow!


AnastasiaC said...

sounds like a yummy healthy lunch...Santa Monica ...sigh!! we had a lovely time there!
u are too sweet to send mini mini gifts!

poppy said...

just found you via lisa s. lovely things you make!

*Kumi said...

You love pink, don't you?
I can tell it because I LOVE pink myself!
I really love your papers.
They're all so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

i love the word scrumptious

Anonymous said...

I love that pink box, I love you, and the food, how yummy.
Love You,

Aunt Sharon

deb said...

love all those goodies together!

Marieke said...

Thank you so much, Amy! That box of goodies I just received is just heavenly! Will make a good post about it. Thanks so much my blogger friend! :-)