Thursday, July 06, 2006

greetings friends

Vail Village, Colorado

Fiona the puppy

hope everyone had a great 4th....our weekend in Colorado was quite nice.

wedding #1 (Pueblo, CO):
Rehearsal dinner was nice, we got to meet some people that we would end up hanging out with the next night at the wedding.
The wedding itself started at 1:00 in 98 degree heat and then the reception started at 4:30 so there was a bit of lag time in there. We ended up heading home and I took a nice nap! The reception itself was a bit disorganized, i think that may be why the party never really took off. Not one bit of dancing except for the kiddos. Bride never really even talked to us. Stuffed quail for the wedding party for dinner, which looked like it was ready to fly off my plate {I sat at the head table with the wedding party so got to have the 'special' entree instead of the buffet line with lasagna and pork options for everyone else.} However, Adam got to visit with some old friends he hadn't seen in awhile, we made some new friends and I got to dress up all cute and Adam looked really handsome in his tux (he was a groomsman.)

wedding #2 (Vail, CO):
Beautiful wedding and totally organized. Started to drizzle during the outdoor ceremony, and the bride stuck it out until it really started coming down, to which she announced to us "see you insede!" Once inside, the ceremony continued as if there was never a problem. Gracious and friendly bride. Adam and I even made the table cards which had facts about the bride and groom. Turns out their trip to our wedding was their first trip together as a couple. Dinner was delicious, veggies and potatoes for me and I had a bite of adam's steak which was yum. Plenty of dancing, however, I couldn't really seem to find my groove, I think it was the altitude, or maybe the fact that the dress I wore to this wedding was a bit mroe showy than I remembered and i was completely self conscious the entire night that my boob would pop out at any given moment. Should have worn the dress I wore to wedding #1, oh and learn.

The rest of the trip was spent hanging out in Vail Village, bumping into and then visiting with an old friend {the friend that introduced adam and I actually.} small small world. Then driving to Boulder area to meet up with adam's family to celebrate the 4th! So fun to see the cousins, kiddos and new pup on such a short trip.

And now, just trying to dive back in! Slowly. Hanging out with Henry who we missed a lot. Getting back in to work mode. I'm finishing up finalizing two wedding projects and have lots on the burner. Pics tomorrow for WIP? Perhaps I'll get my act together by then.


Julie said...

liked the wedding descriptions!!

AnastasiaC said...

beautiful pics - I love polkadots and those umbrellas are too cute!!
sounds like had a great time!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a busy and wonderful time you had. What a darling puppy. So glad you didn't expose yourself, lol.
Love You, Aunt Sharon