Thursday, August 17, 2006

good week, part 2

A few other reasons why I've had a good week:
  • Adam and I did go to see Little Miss Sunshine and we really liked it. Such a good ending.
  • We also relaxed a lot just as I had hoped
  • We went for a walk in a nearby neighborhood with Henry and came across this Domino House which I had been wanting to see. I think it's funny that in the Domino article last month they said it was their perfect oasis, and then popped that for sale sign up 1 week after the mag came out. cool house, I was wishing they'd have an open house that day, but no luck.
  • A package full of goodies that I had sent to England and we thought had been lost finally arrived! turns out they took off the airmail sticker and slapped on it on the slow boat. atleast it got there...woo hoo.
  • Another amazing work day on tuesday when we had our quarterly equivalent of "employees of the quarter" {ours is called 'The League of Extraordinary Associates'}, and holy toledo I won an award! I was deemed a superhero of sorts called 'The Champion' and was gifted with a crisp $100 bill.
  • I got my domino magazine and another Marieke card sent thanking me for her treat box. Now I can have one hanging at work and one at home! {Do you see how neat her writing is? My husband thought it was a printed font!}
  • and, my bullet points are pink, which makes me really happy. :)

I'm hoping to ride this bit of goodness a while longer. now what to treat myself with that $100 bill? hmm......


trudesign said...

I really want to see that movie! I'm glad you liked it! That house is really cool too.

Marieke said...

One to send and one to keep :-) I am glad you like it!!!

posy press said...

or two to keep! hee hee.

weirdbunny said...

Cool House, congratulations on the $100 dollars!

AnastasiaC said...

awesome house!! I saw that article in Domino last month too,love the pink bathroom and the venetian mirror! gorgeous!!